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HMRC advise people to claim tax breaks

Many tax breaks continue to go unclaimed by people who are entitled to them. HMRC has launched a new guidance page on its website, showing taxpayers if they are eligible to claim money back through tax breaks or access financial support.

With the rising cost of living, tax breaks such as employment expense tax relief on work uniforms, tools and even business travel can help families bridge the gap felt by the current crisis.

Additionally the marriage allowance, for example, lets a taxpayer transfer 10%, or £1,260, of their personal tax allowance to their partner if they earn less than the £12,570 threshold.

Myrtle Lloyd, director general of the customer services group for HMRC, said:

"We understand these are very difficult times for so many so it is vitally important we continue to highlight the range of support available.

"We'd encourage those who think they may be eligible for support to take a look and claim what they're entitled to - it could make an important difference to household budgets at a time when it's needed the most."

As well as checking for eligibility, the site will tell people how they can go about claiming their tax back.

If you think you are eligible why not ask us about claiming tax breaks.

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